Certificate Course In Yoga(Equivalent Yoga TTC)

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Certificate Course In Yoga helps the students to lay foundation in the world of YOGA. Experienced and talented Yoga Teachers will conduct the classes. The fee includes the breakfast, working lunch and tea during workshop and also the certification charges. Participation certificate will be issued after successful completion of each course, who fulfils the criteria of 90% attendance.

Objective of Certificate Course In Yoga at Patanjali Yoga Training and Research Centre(PYTRC) Charitable Society

Yoga is becoming popular day by day. A wave of yoga is sweeping across the globe. To introduce yoga as a science of Holistic living and not merely as yoga postures, SVYASA has been offering this course over the last 2 decades all over the globe with great benefits. At the conclusion of this course, the students will be able to teach yoga to the general public the holistic way, to prevent diseases, promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society.

ADMISSION for Certificate Course In Yoga

Eligibility Prerequisites

To be eligible for admission to the course, the student should have completed 8 standerd or equivalent with basic knowledge in English language


Residential Course shall be of Six months duration

Attendance Requirment

- Each month is considered as a unit and the candidate has to put in a minimum attendance of 90% in each subject.
- The student shall be informed about their attendance position periodically so that the students shall be cautioned to make up the shortage.

Course Fee Structure
Total Fee for this Course is Rs.3000/-

Please report 1st date of the course by 9am at Patanjali PYTRC office to complete the Registration.

Articles To Be Brought

-3 number of passport size photos.
-SSLC Book first page copy.
-PDC / +2 Mark list.
-ID Proof.
-Writing material consists of a note book, foolscap papers ruled and each one dozen and a pen.
-Yoga Uniform, Yoga mat and studies material will be provided by Patanjali on payment.

Course Syllabus

YIC T 101

Introduction to Yoga and its Streams

Yoga its origin, meaning, definition, misconceptions and happiness analysis

Jnana Yoga - This section will provide you continuously updated content about Jnana Yoga

Bhakti Yoga - This section will provide you continuously updated content about Bhakti Yoga

Raja Yoga - This section will provide you continuously updated content about Raja Yoga

Karma Yoga - This section will provide you continuously updated content about Karma Yoga

Unity in Diversity - This section will provide you continuously updated content about Unity in Diversity Kriyas, Mudras and Bhandas

YIC T 102

Teachings of Vivekananda and Applications of Yoga

Life sketch and teachings of Swami Vivekananda

Yoga, health, integrated yoga therapy, diet and nutrition

Yoga in the fields education, management, arts, music sports, physically, mentally and socially deprived persons and for personality development, yoga research, VYASA movement

Indian culture and meditation according to Bhagavadgita, life and message of Sri Ramakrishna and Ma Sharada

YIC T 201

Breathing Exercises


Hands In & Out, Hands Stretch And Ankle Stretch Breathing


Tiger, Dog Rabbit And Shashankasana Breathing


Bhujangasana And Shalabhasana Breathing


Straight Leg Raise Breathing

Loosening Exercises


Simple or Slow Jogging, Backward Jogging, Forward Jogging and Side Jogging. Front and Back Bending, Side Bending and Twisting


Pavana Muktasana Kriya (Leg Rotation, Rocking And Rolling)


Twelve Step Suryanamaskara with Prayer and Specific Mantra


Standing Postures

Ardha kati cakrasana
Parivrtta trikonasana
Parsva konasana
Ardha cakrasana
Pada hastasana

Sitting Postures

Supta vajrasana
Ardha matsyendrasana14

Prone Postures


Supine Postures

Viparita karani

YIC P 202

Breathing practices and Pranayama


Sectional breathing

Abdominal, Thoracic, Clavicular and Full Yogic Breathing

Balancing pranayama

Nadi Suddhi

Cooling pranayama

Sitali, Sitkari And Sadanta

Laya pranayama



A, U, M and A-U-M chanting and Om meditation

Om and Cyclic Meditation

Om meditation
Cyclic meditation

Relaxation Techniques


Devotional Session

Bhajans, Dhuns, Namavalis
Prayers Of Yoga Sessions


Jala Neti, Sutra Neti And Vamana Dhauti

YIC F 301

Field Work

Teaching Technique

Eight step procedure of teaching of yogasanas
Work report/teaching at least 3 asanas by the students
Sanskrita - Meaning and chanting of prayers
Yoga Games and Happy Assembly

Karma Yoga

Karma yoga project - planning, execution, results and report

YIC R 401

Writing of report

Skit presentation by the students on the theme of yoga

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